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  1. Of course if you can follow it really helps. I will try to post more about this kind of topics.
  2. Every single day a lot of freelancers join Fiverr & wants to make money online quickly but they skip some important part before they start their journey here. I'm going to share my knowledge that might help you to grow your business here. I just assume you are well skilled already otherwise you shouldn't start selling your skill here but do you think only your core skill is enough to make your business profitable. The short answer is no. Here is the couple of lists I point out hope it will help you. 1. Make sure you have communication skill 2. You have to know a little bit of marketing skill to share your service throughout the world. 3. Patience & Time management. 4. Have a good mentality to level up your skill day by day. 5. Be honest with your buyer. 6. Read Fiverr rules, Terms & conditions. 7. Don't spam the Fiverr form, give a good impression. The above lists are very simple to get started but there is a lot of things, I hope I will share them in my next post. Be positive & stay safe Rajib
  3. Thanks to all for your time & wishing me. Best of luck you guys too.
  4. I can understand your frustration but create a gig is not everything. You have to work on it daily basis. Target your potential client. Use Social media where you can share your knowledge & you will get contact from there, bring them to Fiverr. Stay active, Try to send buyer request everyday with good proposal. Best of luck.
  5. Stay active & share your gig in the potential area where you can get client. You can use social media for that. Thank you.
  6. Hello guys, You can't even imagine how happy I am. After a couple of weeks now my gig in the first page & also got the Gig promotion options enable. Got a new order also from a new buyer as well. I do WordPress Website Design specially using Divi Theme. Soon I will add another service which is another great page builder Elementor. I'm so excited, currently I'm working and learning elementor. Pray for me. Thank you.
  7. Hey mate Hope you guys are doing really well. I was doing good but my downtime starts a month ago & I really don’t know how I can overcome it. I am a Level 2 Sellers 160+ orders completed 128 5 star reviews but it’s not a big deal I think. I know it’s hard to know, are you getting bad hidden feedback from your buyer but I don’t think I didn’t get that, No cancellation last 80 days not even 4.3, 4.5, or below 4 start review, I got. As far I can remember I got only 2 or 3 reviews that are above 4 stars except that all are 5 stars I had a 3k impression in one day for 1 gig, right now it has around 10-49 impressions in a day. It’s intersting. isn’t it? :roll_eyes: Have done 8 orders in the last 20 days but it’s not improving anymore. I don’t know what should I do now. This is my story.
  8. I really don’t know what’s going on really. Look at the screenshot below. I used the Gig Promotion method and it was going very good but suddenly it turns off & my gig is no longer available in the Fiverr search result. Anybody facing these issues? Gig1390×538 40 KB
  9. Don’t be panic. You can see the result after buyer accept the order. Hope it won’t affect on your profile.
  10. Hi No Meghla It’s not gonna affect on your gig. I never try backlinks, So No idea.
  11. Everything will not be alright until fiverr take any action about it, it’s not gig ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug or any technical issues and even we’re not getting CS human responses. If it’s gig ranking issues then if we do marketing and complete any order then it helps to increase gig impression but now anything don’t have any effect on gig, just getting down everyday, it’s near to zero click. 😐 OMG. Did you talk with CS?
  12. Hi Meghla First of all Welcome to the Fiverr community. Your first question: If I look for jobs in the social platforms why would I join Fiverr? To be honest I didn’t expect this kind of question form you because you are an SEO expert and you know how online products sell. Your Fiverr gig is one kind of product that you want to sell and Fiverr is a marketplace that helps your business at that point when you can prove you are something. Why Fiverr promotes you because Fiverr has a lot of SEO experts already and they are earning well. Fiverr gets 20% from them. And now my question is to you. When you have a new website, how do you rank your website on google? Is there Google help you to rank your website? You have to work and then it ranks on Google, right? The same scenario is here. You are saying buyers always take rated sellers. We can’t do anything at this point because they don’t want to invest their money in a newbie. and you don’t need to create a lot of fake ids. Share your gig on social media isn’t mean you have to share every time. Make a good audience share your thoughts, help others. You don’t need to say hey plz visit my gig. I think I don’t need to explain how SEO works. You are an expert. So you know better than me. Stay active. Send Buyer requests every day. Active on the forum you will get an idea of how Fiverr works. The Rated seller was also a new seller at a time. Best of luck.
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