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  1. Please provide him a grave yard number also.
  2. If you write much bigger font and the font colour must be pink. You will get more orders.
  3. You have to use much more big bigger biggest font size 50-100" than this. If you give such a small font, We are all blind, we do not see small writing font. Thanks for your concern for us.We will not forget you.😭😢
  4. If you get orders every day then post here every day. We can all write congratulations.🤭
  5. I am so poor i have nothing to give you on your achievement. This is a small gift for you
  6. wow all around wow Please use default font and colour.
  7. In the forum the font size must be 24-48" and the font colour must be Rainbow types colour, otherwise your post must be not approved in the forum. Caution - Don't use default writing font and colour.🤫
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