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  1. Then why are you offering unlimited revisions if you in reality don’t want to do unlimited revisions??? Sure! Do you mean I have to provide lifetime revisions as I am offering unlimited revisions?
  2. Hello everyone! I need some help. A buyer placed and order on 8th August. She took a lot of revisions and I was happy. But now she always come back after 2.5 days exactly when order is about to marked as complete. She ask me for revision and I send her promptly but she come after 2.5 days exactly. I am so tired how I can handle this. I think the buyer want the lifetime service from me. Please help me. I do not want to cancel order. Thanks in advance
  3. He marked order as complete. And demanding for new logo from scratch. As he have no rights to have changes in current logo. Thank you!
  4. Hi, Currently I am struck with a bad buyer. He accepted my order and came back to inbox and demanding extra work from me. He is asking me that he do not like logo. He did not give review yet. He is forcing me and abusing me. Please help me. Thank you !
  5. Thanks for everyone. I really appreciate your time.
  6. Hi, In my past I was striving for first order. But now I have no time to complete orders. I work 19 hours a day but still some orders left. What can I do. If I will increase the delivery time it may impact on gig performance. Thank you for advance.
  7. Hi everyone, I know the gig title and tags but I don’t know the Seo title from scratch. Please help me how can I choose a seo title ? If my gig is on first page it is good to use Seo title or not ?
  8. Hi fiverr community. I have a question about order cancellation rate. My first order was cancelled by me and cancellation rate dropped to zero. Few days ago I receive my second order and successfully completed and cancellation rate was 50%. And then I got 3rd order which was completed and my cancellation rate is now 67%. When it will be 100% ? How many orders I need to reach 100%. Please help me. Thank you very much.
  9. Hi everyone , I have completed 2 orders but my all gigs ranking are very low even the gigs where I got my orders have some impressions. The gigs ranking are decreasing day by day. What should I do. Please help me.
  10. Thank you very much Shajol_reddy.
  11. Thank you very much for encouraging me.
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