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How can i get my gig to the homepage


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The answer really hasn’t changed since your previous questions about it:

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Gig promotion

Hi, i am a professional graphic designer and level 2 seller. Can you please tell me how can i move my gig top of the page? thank you.

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I want my gig featured

Hi thanks for your advice

I would suggest that you just work on being a great seller with good skills, on-time deliveries and all of the other things that are suggested on the forum and in the Fiverr Academy. There isn’t enough room on the first page for everyone so if you do get there, that’s great, but it rotates and you won’t stay forever. Good luck with your gigs.

Add: Here are some resources for you:

My suggestion would be to start with some of these great resources:

The Fiverr Academy

The Support Team Knowledge Base (use search for best results)

The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)

The Fiverr FAQ (Great to read simple Q & A or post a question IF it hasn’t been posted before)

The Conversations forum category (Good for general chit chat or questions that might lead to a full discussion)

It’s also good to become familiar with:

Summary on Fiverr Communications

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