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Need Interior Design


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I am looking for someone to take the dimensions of a room and design a furniture configuration and decoration theme that is functional, classy, and masculine complete with colors, decorations, and material suggestions. I am lost with how to do this. I need more than just a 2 or 3D image drawing. I need real design here. I will provide pictures, dimensions, preferences, and any other information you need. I am not rich but I am willing to spend some money on this project. Not expecting you to design a museum from a few old pallets.


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Your best bet would be to post this on Buyers Request.

In order for any good seller to work with you and give you what you need, it is imperative YOU know what you need.

What I read here is very vague and no seller with experience will bid on your project or want to work with you.

Create a word document and include dimensions, color, pictures, some designs examples, etc. As much details as you can on what you want as an attachment on the BR. Since you stated you already have these, that should be easy.

What may be considered functional, classy and masculine for one may not be for another, so this is open to interpretation. You need to provide extensive sample of what you may have seen that you like; otherwise it’s impossible to do.

You also need to tell them the colors you like. I mean if you hate blue, but if the seller doesn’t know that, he wasted his time doing whole bunch of stuff you hate.

Decorations: Are you old fashioned John Wayne, classical or Modern Hip or 60’s style (there are 100s of different masculine style).

If you don’t do all this, then you are going to be frustrated at wasting your time and money. The inexperienced and desperate seller will get frustrated at wasting his valuable time.

Experienced, qualified sellers won’t bid or work on vague projects

Good luck.

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