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Local payment methods


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I got another strange case on my hands, a while ago. A user who had neither PayPal nor a creditcard. He was expecting for Fiverr to have a local Dutch system called iDeal to make a payment. I thought about this and it is maybe even strange that they didn’t implement local payment methods before. There are many international web shops and services through which you can order with iDeal.

Of course, it requires work to implement such a system, and Fiverr would have to open a Dutch bank account, but the benefits are quite clear in my opinion.

  • More customers from supported countries, makes it easier for buyers to place an order.
  • In case of the Dutch system, iDeal, the transaction costs are really low. It can be as low as €0.29 per transaction if you choose the right provider. You could levy that to the users (generally web shops and services don’t do that, but Fiverr could, as it would still be cheaper than PayPal), or cover it in the exchange rate conversion.
  • When you make a transaction through this system, there is no possibility of a chargeback as far as I am aware.
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Also, I think the payment process for some constellations is really a bit weird too.

As an example, I´m a seller in Germany and among others have German, French etc. customers whose currency is € too, but as it is the customers pay a conversion fee when they get their € to fiverr as $, and I pay a conversion fee to get the $ back into €. :rolling_eyes:

A system that would allow customers to pay sellers in the same country in the currency they share without the money having to be converted forth and back, would be nice.

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