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My Fiverr Experience


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How to earn money on Fiverr by selling physical items. First it might shock you that how we can sell item that requires shipping on a 5 dollar website. First of all let me tell you that people are selling physical items on Fiverr so you need to open up your mind little bit. Second thing is that there are some secrets in this website which you need to know. You are allowed to add 8 dollar shipping charges in your gig which requires shipment which means you can create 13 dollar gig without any problem.

Second thing is that you may have heard about levels which are awarded to you when you sell some items successfully with excellent ratings from buyers. It will take some time if you are new to this website but when you got the higher level you can increase your gig price more which mean you have more room to play and can sell physical item easily.

Fiverr Levels

When you first join the website you are not allowed to increase your gig price from 5 dollar which means you are bound to very limited options. In order to achieve level one you have to remain active for 30 days on website and sale more than 10 items successfully with excellent ratings. At this level you can add more extra features to your gig and can increase the price 4 times. So if you have a 10 dollar product to sell you can easily sold it in 28 dollar price.

5*4(extra features)=20$

Shipping charges=8$

Total price of your gig=28$

What to Sell

Now there are many ways through which you can ship your item within 8$ limit. Like if you want to sell your video tutorials on CD or DVD worldwide than Kunaki.com is the best option for you. Create an account on this website, upload you data which you want to write on CD/DVD and they will do it for you. Not only they will write the data on CD/DVD but they will also ship it to any where in the world with shipping charges of 4.20$. :o

If you don’t have your own product for sale than don’t worry you can sell PLR(Private Label Rights) products too. You just have to buy the additional rights and you are good to go. Just go to Google and type PLR and buy any suitable item like e-book, software’s, digital music, themes, templates etc. After getting the rights upload it to Kunaki.com and give them the address of your customer any where in the world. They will ship it within 7 to 15 business days.

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