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How to get Level 1 seller badge?


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I have 7 sell already and 2 pending and i am active last 2 month.

If you have 7 sales total and 2 pending, that only makes 9 and some are incomplete. In addition, you’ve got to line up with the rest of the levels page at www.fiverr.com/levels. As mentioned, your reviews are very close to the line and I don’t know what your cancellation rate is, so even when you get 10 sales you may need to raise your stats to get a badge. If you aren’t sure after 10 completed sales you can contact Customer Support and ask.

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Hey guys?
What can I do to my gigs to help improve the number of buyer requests available? For now I have seven gigs and I can only see 170 buyer requests most of which I have already placed bids for.
Any help will be highly appreciated…

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