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Accept or decline a sale. No more cancellations because the client does not read the description!


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Hi there,

I’m a level 2 seller and I do explainer videos. I have a gig to make a CUSTOM explainer video, and I have other gigs which are video-TEMPLATES.

I’m tired of having to cancel orders just for the fact that the buyer has not read the description of my gig. And the buyer has not even read the requirements once he has bought the gig, since he buys one of my TEMPLATES but wants to receive a custom video for $5, when custom videos are much more expensive.

What I am trying to explain is that in certain categories, such as mine, we should have the option to accept or decline a sale. If we see that the buyer has ignored the requirements of the gig we could click on the “decline” button to decline the sale without affecting our cancellation ratio.

I hope I explained well.

Best regards,

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I disagree. Sellers already have a “decline” option. It’s called a mutual cancellation. If a buyer chooses to purchase from you, you, the seller, need to treat them as a customer, not a random stat to be dismissed. Part of being a good freelancer is learning how to manage your services and interactions with your clients. An accept or decline button is extremely impersonal, and counter to the entire purpose of freelancing. Are there times when transactions frustrate a seller? Of course. But taking the hands off approach is not good interpersonal business.

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