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It has Been 1 Year on FIVERR :)


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It has Been 1 Year on FIVERR and I’m a Level 2 Seller and It’s the best Thing I ever Found!

I started Fiverr in November 2015, and my First Gig was a Logo intro, and then I found out that I could create a Gigs of my Talents, So i Created a Dancing Gig that became my Best Seller Gig in 1 month, and people all over the world like: USA, UK, BRAZIL, INDIA, AFRICA etc they were ordering every time.

I got connected with Singers to create Choreographies for their Songs and they all loved it!
and Some of companies, have sent their products to me, so i can dance with it, and promote the products.
And it’s so amazing that I’m being able to earn some money from the Things I love doing it!

So I really I want to give a Special and BIG THANK YOU to Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger for creating this platform where I can Use the Talents God gifted me to connect and work for other people all over the World.

and Thank you to all the Fiverr Team that works in the background for giving us easy guide on Fiverr Website and the APP, You guys are awesome!

Let me know your stories in the comment bellow!

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