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Check Your Buyer's History


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Today I delivered a Facebook ad and got this response:

“There are many problems with this ad. You are making several claims which are factually incorrect. Either revise this ad completely or cancel this gig!”

That was strange, usually when my buyers have problems, they tell me what they are. It’s true some might tell me “I don’t like it,” but most get real specific about what they want.

I didn’t revise the ad because there was nothing to revise, I’m not going to play “guess what the buyer wants,” so I cancelled the order. Then I went to my order history and noticed this is the second time she orders from me and refuses to pay.

My regret is that I wasted time working for a cheapskate, if I had copied and pasted her name into SELLING-MANAGE SALES-Search My History, I would have been better off.

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