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pepople do not trust on new saller …

but new saller is a good worker and give you your project in only 5 doller

i am new saller …i will 100% you about my work please check my gig and favourte it …and any need you about my gig please conect me…

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Look, I understand that many new sellers come to Fiverr believe they can put any gig up and earn money. It just isn’t true anymore, if it ever was. I had a hard time understanding your post. I’m not saying that to put you down in any way I cannot write in Urdu at all, so your English is better than my Urdu! Your English is not enough to make sales on Fiverr, though. One of your gigs is like this:

(Title) I will disgen OUTSTANDING,eye Chacing flyer
i will give standerd in only 5$
i will creat outsatnding ,eye chacher,beautifull,amzaing,flyer creat in only five doller 5$

There are at least 10 misspelled words there You used almost no correct capitalization or punctuation. A buyer could guess at what it means and be right, but most would expect you to use your skills and then at least run a spell checker and get a friend to help with your English.

If you can’t be bothered to do that, they will think your other skills are lacking and you can’t be bothered to do things right. The basic English is just the beginning of your problem. I do wish you luck, but you will have to work much, much harder to sell here.

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After reading another post, I’m going to leave with a link to it too. This is important to all new sellers:

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Why you need to make yourself stand out as a new seller

I see a lot of posts on the forum recently suggesting that buyers should give new sellers a chance. My question to all of you is, why on Earth should they? Unfortunately for you, as a new seller your profile and gig descriptions have to be at...

Reading time: 2 mins ? Likes: 4 ❤

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