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My Fiverr Account and Payonner Account is HACKED!


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Today’s day was the very bad day for me. I have lost almost everything. I really need your help guys!

Please read below:

*** One of the buyer message me to do her flyer project. She want me to share the information by teamviewer. I was not 100% sure if this is allowed in fiverr or not. I asked her it’s not allowed but she mentioned me it’s allowed on fiverr if we donot share personal info. Finally i did my teamviewer id, pass and after that i cannot login my payonner account and also $444 has withdrawn from my fiverr account without my access. She both hacked my fiverr and payonner account. It is a holiday running and i can’t get any reply from both of them although i messaged about my issues.

I need help! Any Top rated seller or anyone can help me out.

If you can suggest me what to do ASAP would be helpful for me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you

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There is nothing you can do except report it to Fiverr’s Trust & Safety. I am afraid your money is gone.

Learn from your mistake and be very cautious in the future.
Thanks for posting this story. It will help other users tremendously.

Scammers are getting smarter by the day. I would recommend to withdraw your revenue more often instead of collecting it. You never know what’s going to happen. Also don’t use the same log in for everything!
Don’t ever click on any links without previously scanning those. You buyer might have even created a fake teamviewer set up and was able to steal your log in info.
I am really sorry this happened to you.

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Teamviewer is not necessarily disallowed, it is still correct that if you don’t share any other personal content info like email address, phone, s***e then teamviewer could potentially be used as part of a gig. I can’t be sure what staff would say about this, so I’m, not making you a guarantee, but I don’t think you’d get in trouble over teamviewer itself.

Teamviewer has options to allow users to take full control of your computer, though, so giving permission to someone you do not know to engage on it isn’t a smart thing to do in most cases. There are legitimate Fiverr sellers who might use it to help someone with problems on their computers. That still doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to be dangerous.

@annai80 is right that there is probably not much you can do here. Fiverr might be able to shut down the account of the other person if they see proof that this person did it. Chances are whoever did it cleaned up and left little trace and Fiverr may not be able to do anything. Reporting it to Trust and Safety is still the best thing to do and just tell CS that you weren’t trying to break any rules.

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