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Need Healp


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I’m sorry, but begging tends to get frowned upon here at the forum.
Simply saying “Help please” is not going to work.

Also, your gig is to be a virtual assistant, but simply looking at the short
messages you have left here at the forum clearly shows your English skills are
rather low. If you want to be a good assistant I believe you need to know the language
a bit more.

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Sometimes there is the problem with being able to use the English language which can be a barrier to communication to the point that working with buyers is not possible, and can lead to frustration and disappointment for all involved.

As someone who is self employed on fiverr it is up to each of us to be able to read all the helpful information already here and figure out the basics for ourselves. Then if you have a specific question you may post it. Two posts saying simply “help please” is not going to help you.

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