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Hello, I’m a new Seller on fiverr. Since I just join, I rather confused so I wish the professional Seller could teach me. Well I was working at a company during the day, so I just can drawing at night. Few days ago Someone order some simple drawing from me and it takes 3 days, I still manage to complete it because it just a simple drawing, and I’m very exhausted because lack of sleep just for drawing for 3 days. But I worried about something, IF for the example I suddenly got so many order, that means I have to work and work and work until I collapse (LoL), well basically if I think I’m not well enough to complete it on time, is there any other way to expand the time of delivery without affecting the rating? And, when I sell my product, I just got 4$, is there any explanation? Please help me 😦

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First of all, you need to read a LOT in the Fiverr Academy. You really need to be more informed before you risk what you described above.

Second, if one order took you 3 days barely sleeping even with another job, there is something wrong. That doesn’t sound simple. You need to write your gig packages so that a small order is for something that takes you maybe an hour at most and even that is because you are new. By the time you have quite a few reviews, a small order should take you between 5-15 minutes.

Third, you can use a feature called “limit orders” since you only do this part time. It allows you to accept only 1 or 2 orders (or whatever you choose) before any more can be submitted. See more in this post:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

How Do I Keep Orders Under Control?

This may be something that a lot of existing sellers with good traffic already know, but this one may help out some of the newer sellers here. Don't Set a default delivery date too close for comfort, 24 Hours for example. (You possibly only do...

Reading time: 9 mins ? Likes: 1 ❤

Finally, as far as I know there is no current way to get an extension on time although I have seen some hints that it may be in the works. (If it is already live, I could be wrong.) At least up to date, if I run into a problem where I realize I will be late, I talk with my buyers immediately. If they say they are willing to wait, I can deliver them a partial order and they should immediately click the “request modification” button to keep the order open. You don’t want it to close or the buyer may complain. I would not do this unless you have to since there are some risks.

If a buyer is not willing to wait, be sure you find out before the time runs out and you are late. You can always just ask them to cancel and refund their money. You may have to lose some time, but in the early stages on Fiverr it is critical to be on time and have either good reviews or no reviews. When you have hundreds of reviews, you can afford to take a bit more risk, but when you are new, a cancellation can save your business.

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Well it’s not really that simple. The drawing simple, but the coloring take more time (well… drawing Anime is Simple but simple meaning in different way. If you already look at my gig, that’s a simple one hehehe…) If I didn’t work during the day maybe I can focus and finish the drawing, but, the problem is I just have 3-4 hours drawing a day (from 8pm-12am lol. And I also exhausted when working during the day ). Well as you said, maybe it took more time because i’m still green horn as an artist.

Oh, I see… I gonna use that “Limit order” thing

Which mean there is no way of getting a extensions time even if the both side agree? Well that quite sucks… But I will try to manage my time.

But won’t cancellation will affect our rating?

You are a seller too right? Maybe you could tell me your experience? well you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but it would help me if I know about someone experience since i’m new to this kind of thing.

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I did look at your gigs and I understood, but there are problems with your selling theory. In the early days, you could set a limit to 1-2 orders, delivery time longer , like 5 days and work for hours per $5 gig so you’ll get levels and reviews (and exhaustion) for almost no money. That’s OK, I started out similar and yes, I’m a seller too.

Unless you want to see stay exhausted always and make a few cents per hour, though, you can’t work like that for long. You need to find a way to confine a $5 gig to much shorter time. Perhaps you could do one small black and white character in 2 hours for $5. Later when you have reputation, perhaps you would change it to a 15 minute b&w rough sketch for $5. The sketch would have no objects and just a slight outline of clothing. By then, one full color character with simple clothes might be (example) $35 and one char. with elaborate clothes and objects $75. You could put more characters in your extras so a buyer would know the cost of 2 characters with color, clothes and a teapot. See what I mean?

You have to decide how much work you can do, find a way to make it start at $5 when you are new, and how to upsell in $5 increments.

As far as cancellation, IF you and the buyer agree to cancel, it won’t affect your rating. Theoretically that is true no matter how many times you cancel, but if you had to cancel 75%of all gigs ordered that might affect your rank a little. At this stage, cancel is far better than bad review or lateness.

That’s all I have time for, but do lots of reading and experiment. You can communicate reasonably well, so your first big hurdle here is already passed successfully.

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