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How do I became a level 2 seller within 2 month


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hey guys how are you everybody. Today I am gonna tell you guys how do I became a level 2 seller.

So at first it was too much hard for me to get jobs. Because I was new in the market. So I had a lot of questions in my mind about fiverr. Then I start reading blog and forums. And it worked and I had got some ideas about fiverr.

So in the meantime after creating a gig and then within 3 or 4 days I had no orders in my dashboard page. So then I start reading how to increase sells or how to get orders within short time . And most of them said to send BUYER REQUEST . Everyday I send 10 buyer request at any cost. And I think it is mention able to everyone that please send those request that you can. And believe me it worked so fast.

After reaching the level one within 1 month then everyday I had got more than 2 works . After 2 months I had got my level 2 badge with 100% positive reviews.

So best of luck . I think you guys can do it. So be with fiverr and love fiverr. Let it be think a company and think you are an employee here. And the most important that, PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN MARKETING STRATEGY TO INCREASE SELLS. 🙂

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