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Delivered on time rate is below 100%


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Hi Friends,

I just saw that my delivered time rating is below 100%. I can not figure it out why so. Because as per my knowledge I have delivered on time and I manged some orders with buyer to avoid late delivery. I checked in manage sales page and I couldn’t find any late delivery under late tab.

So I want to know how it happen to avoid if I am practicing wrong process. Can it be possible to mark as late for following actions?

  1. Delivery almost late and after I discussed with customer and extended the duration.

  2. Due to customer requirement changes I went to mutual cancellation after due date and order status was late at that moment when I cancelled.

  3. Extend the delivery time without a charge.

Those are the few actions I taken as per my knowledge during last two months. Do I need to contact FIverr support and will they help on this?


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