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What can be done about a harmful SEO gig


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I have purchased a gig. The gig owner was supposed to add my website to several high quality bookmarking websites. But they added my website to deindexed .info domains.

They have added bookmarks using one account (admin account). So they can easily remove my bookmarks but they refused to do it (I proposed extra money to do that). Instead they proposed an extra free gig and to show me how to use disavow tool.

I have tried to convince them for a few days. But now I have opened a dispute. What else can be done? Can Fiverr be contacted to prevent these guys to be harmful for other people?

I am not giving the gig name yet. I still hope that they resolve my problem and stop using deindexed bookmarking websites.

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As @fonthaunt said, contact customer support and explain exactly what was promised and what they delivered. Explain how those sites are harmful to your SEO. Use screenshots if necessary. Don’t get mad, just explain the situation.

Using Google’s disavow tool is super easy if they have given you a list of the sites they posted to. Go to youtube, search for how to use disavow tool and follow the instructions.
It will likely take you 10-15 mins to do it.

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