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Suddenly my sales declined


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Hello great Fiverr Community, I am suffering from sales declined I have joined fiverr since January 2016 after getting Level 2 seller i feel that my
gigs are wiped out form fiverr search engine.

even no sales form buyer request portion although i daily offer my service out there… 🙂 I’m currently earning $15 to $20 per MONTH. I have no idea what’s happen there is no negative review or comments.

So what is your experience now a days? and how to overcome from this situation? any idea???

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Hi there!

This seems to be a large issue that a lot of people are struggling with. From what I’ve gathered, at least there is a bug that prevents your gig from being ranked properly sometimes after updating it. It should disappear completely for a while, and then be ranked wrongly afterwards. Further updates to the gig does not seem to correct it.

If you haven’t updated the gig before you noticed a drop, then I have no clue what could be the cause. Although support does say that placements change from time to time and that a worse placement is not permanent.

Although as you don’t have a ton of reviews yet, you need to mainly rely on the recommended/relevant gigs part and also need to do a lot of self promotion to grow your gigs more!

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