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Dear Shewa:

There are 4 good ways:

  1. Sell the gig, get good reviews.
  2. Use SEO to raise your profile on the internet. There are Fiverr Sellers who specialize in ranking your web pages on Google. Hey, guess what? Your Fiverr Profile is a web page. Along the same lines, hire a copy writer to make your gig descriptions compelling. Pretty soon, by word of mouth, people around the world will be saying, “Hey, friend! You have to look at this Fiverr gig description! It’s awesome!”
  3. Engage on social media and draw people to your gig. For example, if you create a popular YouTube channel you can link to your gigs via your descriptions. If you’re always posting good stuff on Twitter, people will want to follow up by looking at your Fiverr profile.
  4. Be famous or date a famous person. I hear Taylor Swift is single. Start dating her and ask her to talk about your Fiverr profile at her concerts or whatever. When the Paparazzi photograph the two of you together, wear a t-shirt with your Fiverr profile URL so it’s easy to read. Bonus points if you can convince your famous dating partner to wear the same t-shirt…

Good luck,

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