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I'm here since June and I still have no sales


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Well I created my first gig in June and right now I’m having 6 gigs.

I always share them and I get views and impressions.
The problem is that i still have no sale.

Can you please give me any advice on what I can do so that I get my first sale???
I’ll be really thankful

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I don’t know much about fiverr yet but I can tell you how your gigs and profile look to me.

Maybe it would help to improve your profile text as It seems to needs an update – it talks about just one gig when you have a range of different gigs on your profile now, so you could say something about the “range of services” you offer.

It seems a little awkward to say you’re female as that doesn’t have much to do with the gig and it doesn’t seem necessary to say it, especially as a first line.

In your photo effects gig text you have “standart” instead of “standard” – I don’t know if this is a mistake or a play on words but it might look like a mistake. I’m not sure what you mean by ““trace” your jpg”.

You seem to use the word “nice” a lot, which is okay – it’s a nice word – but it isn’t very professional. 🙂

In the summer background gig, instead of saying

"I will put your words on a nice summer background and send you back the jpg. "

you could say

“I will put your choice of words on a summery background and send you the jpg.”

(No need to say “back” as they didn’t send it to you first.)

In your search engine gig you could improve your gig description – say more about what you do and try to sell the idea more. (You have the typo “standart” here as well.)

You could say more in all your gig descriptions.

With “submit your blog” you could say exactly what you mean by “submit” – give some examples, maybe.

With your wordpress plugins, it seems like something anybody could find for themselves by searching. (Maybe I’m wrong, but if I am, make sure your gig explains that you are offering something special) Maybe offer just 50 but provide explanations of how to use each one rather than just a list. (If you already have good explanations in the pdf then make sure it says so in your gig description.)

Hope something here is useful.

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