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Fiverr is it the best way to get a Logo design?


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as graphic designer on fiverr quality for me is over quantity , that’s why many sellers chose my gigs and rely on my expertise in this growing design niche . i use fiverr every 12 hours and if you ask what makes this platform special : the answer is the starting price $5 , there is many ways to get a logo design now days on the internet and there is even some services who offer FREE design using stock image and templates …well here on fiverr there is designers how design a 100 per cent costume design and i know a lot of them .
is fiverr the best way to a logo design ?
YES : if the designer use sketching scanning and then Vectoring
NO : if you are wailing to spend $5 to get a $250 dollars logo design .

pls answer quotations on the comment sections ( this will improve this platform and will bring more sales to all of us !!! 😛 )


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