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Why i am not getting a order?


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Your background removal gig looks good; the image is bright and attractive. I don’t know how visibility works on fiverr – I wasn’t able to find your gig by searching for it but there are a lot of people offering the same service so maybe I didn’t reach it.

I notice that you’re taking up to three days. You seem to be offering more quantity than most of the other people advertising. Perhaps buyers prefer to get a smaller amount done faster. I’m new here so I’m just guessing about that.

Your favicon gig looks a bit dull visually – maybe you could show one favicon rather than the dark background of many images.

In your profile, maybe say “good” experience instead of “strong”.and “design” instead of “designs”. I would remove the word “proud” from perfectionist, to make it feel more professional.

“I just won’t stop till I’m 100% satisfied.”

This might suggest you will take a long time finishing: It might be better to say something like:

“I will make sure you are 100% satisfied.”

that will make it all about the buyer’s satisfaction.

Just a few ideas.

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