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Congrats to me..I just got my level 2 badge


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I woke up on a morning few days ago to discover that I have made it to level 2 as a seller. That was a moment of Joy for me cos I always wondered when I was going to get my level 2 badge.

When I joined fiverr in 2014, I created a couple of gigs and thought sales will immediately come in like magic, but that didn’t happen. Coupled with the frustration and disappointment of not getting any sales together with other engagements at that time, I had to abandon fiverr untill 2016 when i decided to look into my fiverr business once again. I had to rewrite my gigs giving them better descriptions, publicized via social media etc and was positive that I will be successful.

To cut the long story short, I made my first sale in March 2016, though have not made a lot of sales, but I am thankful to God for the little I have made and for the opportunity to use my skills profitably.

My advice to the new sellers: Work hard and be patient, you will definitely get sales.

Regards to All,


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