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I remember when fiverr support staff used to answer all queries and tickets in minutes not hours.

Now the site has grown and members have enormously increased but the support standards have fallen may be because no new support staff is recruited… Support now takes more than 24 hours to process queries.

This is a site where you deliver gigs starting from 24 hours. You can have multiple issues which needs to be solved within this time span.

Recently a buyer ordered my gig, he was delivered as promised on the description but he denied to accept work. He already bought another gig twice before and had no problems with them. He denied to accept any replacement or explanation there could be. Also offered him extras but he insisted to cancel. I cancelled his order and told him NOT to buy from me in future. As i think i have the right to do so.

He reported the message and guess what??

I was dropped from level 2 to level 0 and my chat has been disabled. I could not see his reply where he used caps lock as well.

I submitted the ticket to support suddenly and have not been replied yet after 24 hours have gone…

After that i have received a few queries from buyers and i am not able to rely them.

My account status is gone.

Sales have dramatically fallen.

In another thread i was reading that their script does that all, well i must say that they have given their automated script some authority.

Anyways, i am waiting for support for more than 24 hours and they have not appeared which disappoints me alot because its the same fiverr support team which assisted us in 1-2 hours and matter solved.

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