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Using Specialists Instead of Generalists


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This is directed at those who need several services performed and want to find one provider who does it all. Although it isn’t impossible to do so, there is value in splitting the project into tasks, each of which can then be completed by someone who specializes in that area.

For example, the design & layout part of a project would be better handled by a designer while the script-writing would be better handled by a writer.

Sequencing the tasks in such a way that the output of one serves as the input for the next would make things run smoothly. Some tasks can be done in parallel, such as logo design and writing.

Considering that most providers are willing to supply editable files (for example, the .psd for your logo instead of just a .jpg), it would be prudent to obtain those.

(The aforementioned is based on my experience as a buyer, where I put some forethought into the buying process, and as a seller, where I have to suggest–for example–that the buyer not count on me to do design work since I specialize in writing.)

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you had a chance to compare the work of turnkey operators (which can be a good thing since it saves you the time and hassle of project management) with that of those who have a very specific area of expertise in which they ply their trade?

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