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Unable to start my freelance career.Need help


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I am a IT engineer.Couple of weeks ago I tried to start my freelance career.I made my fiverr account and uploaded gigs as per my skills.
unfortunately I am unlucky to get orders.I tried Every thing yes I mean Every thing
like Buyers Request
Changing Tags
Names Images
Description of proposals and everything 😦
My gig can not go above new arrivals category while I see many people like me have gigs of new arrival in relevance. can Anyone help me ?
This is my profile
favicon.icoFiverr.com 149700c2-b4d2-426e-9d55-1a9d979a8795.jpg

iterector's public profile on Fiverr

In one simple line My Goal is to make you money!! With my skills.I am a Web Developer professionally. I love to develop cross platform apps,data driven apps, web apps, Rest APIs and much more. I have skills in ASP.NET MVC, Wordpress and MEAN...

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I have made simple webpages but do not understand what all this is in your gig:

I am a front end web developer with 3 year of industry experience.

If you have problem in setting up node application and server Then I am here!!

I can
Install node js
Setup node server to different port
Test node server
Basic node application
Hierarchical structure
Easy to understand
Proper documentation of app
Set proper get and post methods for each javascript

You need to write your gig description so people know what you are talking about.
Most people here have no idea what all this means.

Don’t message me please also.

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