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I'm back here 2 years later, and I can't seem to start selling. Help?


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Hey everyone! So I first started out on Fiverr almost two years ago. I didn’t sell much, only made around 30 bucks or so, but I wasn’t actually trying hard enough. I didn’t take Fiverr seriously back then (I was like 17). Fast forward two years and here I am; new gigs, desire to work, but no customers 😦

At first I thought it’ll take some time, but as my impressions, visits and clicks go up on a daily basis. My orders are still stuck at zero.

I was wondering if it has anything to do with buyers visiting my profile, seeing that I last delivered 2 years ago and choosing to ignore my gig? If so, then what I can I do about this? How can I get back to business. I’ve even tried to limit my gig extras and tried to keep my gigs at $5 regardless of the service just to land one customer to get rid of that delivery status, but nothing changed. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Dear Omar:

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

I seriously doubt any potential Buyer cares about the fact that you went away for 2 years.

I suggest that you roll up your sleeves and start over from scratch.

  1. Fiverr Academy
  2. Fiverrcast
  3. Dukeacem has a detailed Udemy course about Fiverr in which several Fiverr Sellers talk about their experience on the site in detail. There are lots of books, YouTube videos, and courses on Udemy and the other tutorial sites. Find the one that’s right for you.
  4. Update your photo to a closeup of you smiling, preferably in color.
  5. Learn to use social media and Buyer Requests appropriately.
  6. All your gigs should have video.
  7. Iterate and improve your gigs often.
  8. Brainstorm new gigs based on Buyer Requests. Realize that the Buyer Requests you see are based on the category or categories in which your gigs appear. More gigs in more categories translate to more opportunities to respond to Buyer Requests.

In all things, follow the Fiverr Terms of Service and do what is right. Be a hero to the Fiverr community and do not that which you should not do.

Bottom line: forget about the past, start over from scratch, and pull all references to the fact that you were here, went away, and came back, because the likelihood is that you are the only one who will ever know…

Good luck,
Blaise Faint

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