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Very Sad ! Nobody buy my gig


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Imagine throwing a single small needle on a pool of big needles. Do you think buyers will pick the small one over the big one? I mean, what can you offer new? Think about making your Gig unique for the buyers to choose you over the highest rated one. Also try to include video sample and make it more appealing.



When I started Fiverr 7 months ago, there are many highest rated Gig that already in my category, and look at me now, after 7 months I am 3rd highest rated in my category.

I just created 7 different Gigs that I can offer (must not be the same to each other), then I found one that makes me 30-70 dollar per days and what I did is I deleted all 6 of the remaining and focus on that one 🙂 Now I am making 30 - 100+ dollar per day for a single Gig.

Not everyday is Christmas, that’s why I am also making zero ($0) to only $4 per day.

Always think positive in every way you do.

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First of all, for some people it takes weeks, even months to get their first gig. In some cases, people will get a gig within hours of creating a gig. I’d say it’s about the skill, the way you promote/explain your gig, how unique it is, maybe timing too, and luck.

That’s just how things are. Right now I am a top rated seller, but it sure did take a lot of time and effort to get here.

OK, from here I will be more honest, you might not like it though, but hope it helps.

I looked at your gig, first of all it says

my name is mayasari 22. My hobby is drawing. That it is.

22, as in you are 22 years old? I thought you were 12 or 14, at least that’s what it

was before. (I have seen your gig a few weeks ago) Or is the number part of your fiverr ID name? When I saw the number 22, the first thing that came to my mind was oh, she changed her age again? If the number is part of your ID name, it’s not a problem though. If it is your age, you might want to remove it or fix it.

The next thing I’d point out is the part where you say "That it is."

I am guessing that what you are trying to say is "That is it."

Grammar errors can give a negative impression since buyers might think that there would be communication problems. It will be a good idea to ask someone to

check your grammar.

Also, if you are really trying to say "That is it,"

that sounds pretty unfriendly, or uncaring.

Hi, I’m so-and-so, I draw, that’s it.

At least for me, just by reading that makes me not want to order the gig,

so you might want to change to make it sound more friendly and inviting.

Changing “I will draw for 5 buck” to simply “5 dollars” would make it sound more

polite too. Well, that’s my personal opinion.

The last thing I will point out, is that you had a bad start.

I remember you introducing your gig here at the forum a few weeks ago, and

you made a wrong choice with your image samples, and another person

pointed that out. I think that thread has been removed, but it was viewed by a lot of people including myself, that’s why I remember you.

I think that thread ended up giving a bad first impression, at least that is my guess.

Bottom line is though, it just takes time. After all, it’s been only a month.

There are so many sellers here who had no sales for months, if you read through the

threads, you will find many of them.

In the meantime, I think you should keep drawing, improve your skills,

and try to stay positive.

Good luck!

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