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We Want MORE Offers to Send to Buyer Requests!


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Well, hello there…

It’s Umar Farooq (Yomanew @ Fiverr)…

I’m here to suggest Fiverr Support Team that we need to have at least 15 or 20 offers per day to send to buyer requests…

Having only 10 requests to send and then waiting for 24 hours is a BIG time waste for me, at least…

I get most of my orders from Buyer Requests, so I’d request/suggest this number to be increased from 10 to somewhere 15-20/Day…

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I think kjblynx mentioned this in another post somewhere here on the forum where its best if the request number were kept at a reasonable amount because it would throw things off balance and possibly leave a lot of sellers searching for promising work out in the elements.

The current amount is fine but what would really help in the BR section is some sort of feature to inform sellers of the time/date a request is posted.

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