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What Makes A Buyer Click On The ORDER NOW Button

Guest bluepenn

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Guest bluepenn

Let’s have a cool trip to the land of imagination and see what makes a buyer click on the ORDER NOW button.
Well, I’m going to act as a buyer who is in need of a professional logo for his brand new business. So let’s go ahead.

What the heck!!! It’s Saturday. Ohh no, I’ve gotta get a logo in next two days. Where should I look? Where should I go?? Yeap, I got it. Why not I’m checking out Fiverr? Yeah, let’s go to fiver.com, hope there I’ll get one at & reasonable price… Well, here I go: triplew. Fiverr dot com, let’s click on Sign Up, then here is my ma il, and done. So here I am.

Okay, now where I can find a logo designer? Where? Where? Ohh I got it. Let’s click on this category…. Loading…… loading…… loading…………….

Cool!!! So many logo designing gigs are here. Alright, then what should I order? Who is the best designer? Who? Who? Who? Hmm, here is a guy.

Holy moly! This man has 4k reviews, and he is a Top rated seller. Ohh, thanks God, I’ve got my man. Let’s make an order; here I click on his gig; loading…… loading…… loading……….

Alright, here it is. Hmm, so this man is a top rated seller, and he has 4K Positive Reviews. Well, let’s read what he is offering; reading……reading……reading. Hmm, he has a nice description. Alright, I’m going to order this gig, so where the hell is the ORDER button? Hmm, it’s right there.

What??? This man has 90 orders in queue!!! Ok, just let me think for a sec. He has 90 orders in queue and delivery time is just 4 days. (wondering) Should I place an order? No, I should not. I don’t think he is going to invest enough time on my project as he already got hundreds of works. So he is not the right man. Well, let’s find another seller.

Well, here is another gig. Let’s see what’s going on here. Ohh, she is also a top rated seller. Ok, let’s see what she is offering. Reading……reading……reading. Hmm, she is really offering a great service. So let’s make an order. Where is the Order now button? Here it is.

Hell NO……… 120 orders in queue. Damn, where the hell I can find a guy who is not having a long queue? Alright, let’s check out some other gigs.

So here is a level 2 seller with 400+ reviews. Hmm, I’m sure he can help me. Let’s go to his profile. Loading……loading……loading.

So this man is a level 2 seller. Alright, I’m going to make an order here…. What??? 40 sales in queue!!!

Damn, I’m not going to get a designer here who can help me out. So let’s log out and go to another site.

Hold on a sec. This gig has only 30 reviews, hmm. Okay, let’s give it a shot. Loading…… loading……

So he has a nice profile and a great gig. Hmm, let’s read what he is offering here.
Reading……reading….reading. Great, really he is a great designer. And I think he can design me a professional logo. Well, let’s see how many orders he has in queue. Cool, it’s only 7. So he is going to invest enough time in designing my logo. Alright, let’s make an order and see what’s going to happen. Done.

!!!Story Is End!!!

So who got the order?? And why he got the order???

Ans: a level 1 seller. Reasons are

  1. Top rated sellers are super busy with other projects
  2. Level 2 sellers are busy with other projects
  3. As level 1 seller he is quite free
  4. He has 30 positive reviews
  5. And He has an appealing description.

So if you’re a new seller, don’t think that you’re getting no sales because of others. Other sellers are busy with their job. The reason why you’re not getting enough orders is your gig. Probably your gig is not written in a professional manner. So stop wondering how you can get orders, just invest your time in developing your gigs. Find out ways you can make your gigs more appealing and professional. You can ask google how to make your gigs more convincing; you can also check out other sellers gigs. You can also check out my gigs to know what made the wonder for my business.

However, starting a profitable fiverr business is not an easy task. It requires time, hard work, and dedication. So keep working and spend your hours in finding new strategies.
Best of luck.

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Just because someone has 90 orders in queue doesn’t mean it will affect their performance completely. If they have 90 orders in queue and the delivery time is 3 days then why not wait the 3 days? What if the person with 30 positive reviews has a 6 day delivery time? I wouldn’t mind going with the 90 order queue sometimes - most likely they give good service and are faster.

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I routinely order from a Top Rated Seller who always has about 35 orders in his queue.
He is a great designer who always gives my order attention as if it is his only order and works closely with me with continuous messages as he works to make sure he is doing it as I want him to.

Sometimes it takes him a few days to respond to my purchase order but that’s ok.
He always gets a nice tip from me.

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