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Support Problem in identity verification


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First of all I am really sorry to come up with my this second id. I know how bad I am doing this as I am already under punishment by losing my fiverr id because of being careless. I admit that. So now after making the confession here, I need to get some help or suggestion here too.
I got my fiverr id restricted with 150$ of funds and I was asked to contact support after 45 days . I thought after 45 days I will be atleast given my finds. As there i nothing mentioned such that the funds will be also withheld permanently in case of a id restriction. But when I contacted then after 45 days, the support asked me for docs to the payment method that I have attached. I told them that I got no payment method attached and even I havent set any security question so how can I answer these things. I think they still not got my this point and they asked again for the docs. I have my payment method with me which I got . Fiverr know nothing about this method of mine but still I sent them my docs that were govt issued ids and a selfie too. Almost 15 days past and I still got no reply from support. So i replied them with a follow up and they support guy then replied me that the docs I have sent were not matching with their systems or database and he also told me that we cannot continue the process now. I mean I told them that I have got not payment method attached and I am sending you real docs but still they are not giving me the funds. I request someone to please atleast get me my hard earned funds out. I think i do deserve them after getting punishment of losing my reputable profile. I asked support to let me know how can I more prove that my security verification but they are not even letting me know my mistake.

Fiverr has disappointed me big time. Its time to leave fiverr.

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