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Shown at the same page but have a very different results


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I have seen many times such a strange thing: on one page there are two sellers. Each seller has a similar rating (99+% positive feedbacks) with a similar number of reviews (around 1k). Same services, same prices, similar quality, both have videos, registered on Fiverr almost at the same time - but one of them has only a few orders in queue while the second seller has 40-50 orders in queue. If someone is curious, I’m particularly talking about “brainstorm/suggest 5 names for business, project, domain, etc.” Gigs, but it really doesn’t matter, because I see it almost in every category.

Here are my thoughts of what might be a reasons for these differences:

  1. Promoting Gig outside the Fiverr: perhaps, one of them promotes his Gig on forums, social networks, blogs and so on, while another one uses only Fiverr itself to get sales.
  2. Different keywords: maybe, for some popular keywords one of sellers is on the first page and another one is far beyond.
  3. Numbers in queue: I am not sure, but it seems that the more orders in queue, the higher the Gig in search extradition. Perpahs, one of the sellers started to lose orders (for example, because of the vacation mode) and it takes time to unleash the potential again.

The above mentioned seems to me to be the most likely reasons. I would be thankful if you share your opinion too.

Best regards,

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