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Could Someone Take a look at my Gig?


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Dear Desi,

I’ve taken a look at your gig. Here’s what I recommend

  1. Rewording (I found several examples of awkward punctuation, awkward phrasing, and negativity). Here’s a sample:

Caricatures and Raster images are great, but Vector images are AWESOME!

Limited Time Introductory Offer
** Get all Features Pack for $5 **

Get your own Professionally Designed awesome vector portrait using only low poly triangles.

Want to gift a cute wedding gift for your friends, or want to create a professional background for your website? Well, I’ve got you covered.

You will love It 100%
Customer Satisfaction is my goal
Awesome Illustrations will wow you

So what are you waiting for? Get this Exclusively on Fiverr.


  1. What are the Dimensions of the Picture that I must provide ?
    It’s your choice: the bigger the image, the higher resolution the result.

  2. I didn’t like the image. Can I ask for a revision ?
    Yes, but only once. After all, I did promise you will love it 100%!

Get it today while you still can!!

  1. Hire a copy writer to punch up your copy. Having read your description, I don’t understand what the benefit of your product is.

  2. Freshen up your samples with more dramatic images that would be appropriate for your buyers to submit to you. IF you really want to be the artist for Marvel’s Hulk, you might want to submit your artwork directly to Marvel.

  3. Study Fiverr Academy and learn the benefits of offering as many gigs as you can and stuff like that…

Good luck,

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