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I've got $250 Order but Buyer is very Picky, What to do?


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I have a similar situation like yours, just that in my case, it is a lesser amount ($5) and it’s in Web Content Gig.
A buyer asked me to write an SEO optimized “Homepage” and an “About Us” content for her Flower Shop website in Los Angeles. Funny enough, she didn’t even contact me before placing an order, with a page full of lengthy keywords.

I had to do some research on Flower Shops in Los Angeles and try to work my best in producing an original content. After delivering it to the buyer, she said she’s not satisfied with it. Saying the work is just “unoriginal, plain and just like every other website”.
According to her, she want me to write a content that meets her writing style which she called “mademoiselle chic stylish and sophisticated”. - And I wonder to myself what writing style could that be?

Sensing that regardless of what I write, she still won’t accept it. I’m also considering cancelling or giving a refund to avoid the “dreaded” negative reviews or cancellations for New Sellers.

PS: Apologies to Logo_identity for using your thread, but my situation is similar to yours.

Please what should I do?

Thanks for your responses.

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do not change the design unless he wants any changes, ask him what color what font what size or what image he want, give him complete package of his idea’s then if he ask for any changes his design you can ask him what to change, and if he is not telling anything about these then its confirmed that he is not interested in doing business with you…

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Yeah! So after, I did another revision and sent it, the buyer is saying the work is “dull and slow.” I can’t seem to please her.
I told her, I wasn’t going to do anymore revisions for her. She should give me a review and get on with it, otherwise, I’d be forced to report her to Customer Care.

Meanwhile, I’ve done over 12 orders, 10 reviews within two weeks. But I’m yet to get to Level 1 Seller. Maybe it comes at the expiration of 30 days, I don’t know.

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