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How To Get Funds From Block Fiverr Account


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Kindly Tell me how to get funds…
My Account Was Blocked On 3 March
Fiverr ask me to contact After 45 Days safety period .
The Safety Period was cleared on 19 May…
I Contacted Them …They Ask me For Verification , I Will Provide Them All the Documents . and After this The Stop Replying me
I Submitted Many times Request , But They Do not Reply
Fiverr is Start Playing With me
Kindly Help me , I have Almost 180 $ in My Block Account
You Can check the screenshots ,

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My best guess is that you spammed Fiverr. You spammed the forum by posting about this topic 3 times. (The other 2 will be deleted.) Fiverr doesn’t like to be spammed and if you submitted multiple tickets it’s also confusing for the Support Team. The forum can’t help you.

Before you ask, I can’t help you either. My admin tag is for forum issues, not CS issues. Don’t inbox me. I can’t do anything for you but suggest that you stop with multiple forum posts and multiple Fiverr tickets so CS will be willing to help.

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