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i am going to tell you few way to boost you WHOLE fiver profile that i have learnt from my own experience.

Gigs are like mini shops from which people buy stuff.in simple word,more gig , more exposure, more people,that visit your gig,
more change that will buy if they won’t buy that you will get pretty much traffic that will most you gig ranking .so win, win.

there was a time when i have to work on lot of order to earn a decent amount and fiverr was 5$ platform but now with this
feature i have to work less and i can earn a lot more like 3 times more.so give this a try and if your work is good you will
make progress in no time

i am not getting any more order what should i do ?
the answer of this question is simple communicate with buyer ,though buyer request .you go 10 offer every day use then in decent
way .
so what can be a decent way ,
first don’t bid on work that you cannot do , second if you found a request that you can
do , briefly explain your request in polite manner ,try to offer then a little extra like i will provide my work fast or
something else.
i use to get lot of orders from buyer request its very important at start ,also do contact old buyer through
message that might needed your service again you just need to say HELLO .

delivery your work as fast as possible .Don’t think this buyer didn’t bought extra fast so i will delivery my work after 3
day which is completed and is saved in my computer ,delivering order fast and getting review will boost your gig .gig will move
upward to first page .

Don’t compromise on rating.there are some fake people who give bad review for no reason, or some people you give 1 star less
but with review like this is amazing ,this kind of people are not aware that how important rating system is so, don’t hesitate
give then a message and tell this how important this is , in case of fake people if you delivered you work as you promised
and you get negative feedback ,contact support they are there for our help you have spend our time on project ,time is priceless
they will help you for sure

you can also share you gig on different page and social media to boost your sale

conclusion: make more gig ,delivery work fast communicated well with buyer,give your 100% and don’t take less then 100%

i hope this helps
if i missed something do all in comment so everyone can know about it

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