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  1. Only review and seller communication can gain trust. Gig favorite is like bookmark feature in fiverr. Think as a buyer, will you place an order if you see a gig has lot’s of gig favorite but no review?
  2. When you get gig favorite organically it’s good. It shows that your gig is getting attention. But I also saw that sellers exchanging gig favorite from various social media group. I don’t think it’s gonna help to get order as they are not real buyer.
  3. Is that virus still in your pc after reinstalling windows? Don’t send money or click any link on that email.
  4. If the files are gone after reinstalling or formatting windows then you can recover your impotent files from expert data recovery service. I know a professional who can do the work for you. You can search on google “Data Recovery Company Dhaka”. Hope the problem will be solved. My pc was locked once. I downloaded a windows theme from the internet and when I install it my pc was locked by password. It was a very scary time for me. I contacted the Windows support team but they were not able to do anything. I tried to reinstall windows but I was getting “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table” error. After lots of google and youtube searches, I was able to find some helpful tutorials and that save my pc. But I had to sacrifice my important files. I understand how you are feeling now. Before downloading a file, I hope you will be more careful in the future. Best wishes Imrul
  5. For payment you can use any other person paypal or payonner account.
  6. Try to use professional images in your gig. It will help you to boost your sale.
  7. This may be a reason too. They want to make quick money. To complete a professional website I take 15 days. sometimes my clients need an explanation, tutorial, or revisions. And if you look at the cheap gig they will do it in 3 or 4 days. It’s not possible to put the quality of 15 days in 4 days timeline. High quality work + short timeline = cheap price never possible.
  8. So… to make it harder for Fiverr to make money? As I provide high quality work my service charge is much than others. And my clients are ready to pay the price I demand for the quality I give. But when my gig ranked down most of the clients took service from the low qualified seller as they found the irrelevant gig from the search result. Some clients come to me to redo the work because they did not get what they were looking for. I am 100% sure Fiverr mixes the gigs in search results if you don’t believe you can search now and check the result.
  9. They are trying to discover more qualified freelancer. This is why fiverr give space to new seller. The marketplace is expanding and fiverr don’t want to be limited in a few best seller.
  10. You still haven’t given me an explanation of how you think Fiverr mixes gigs up each time and why. Ok, If you search a keyword in the search result you may find the best selling gig on the last page. And non professional and new gig on the first page. This is a very common issue. Fiverr give space to new seller. This is why they mix the gig. It’s easy for new seller to get order on fiverr.
  11. Yes, the keyword and the category is the main factor. As Fiverr mixes the gigs there is no guarantee where your gig will appear. It may be in the first place or on the last page.
  12. OK let’s say fo argument’s sake your statement is true. In your opinion, how does it work? Is it a bunch of people in front of screens just moving gigs around? When you create a gig you select a category. Your gig appears based on the category. When you search on the marketplace you got a mix of the old and new gig. This is it. There is no advanced rank factor or anything like this. Sometimes they promote gigs in a different location and on that period you get the most order. The algorithm, search engine factor, relevant, and other words work with google, not in Fiverr.
  13. My question is, people who have no review in their profile or no review in their gig how they ranked before me? I have the most ratting in my working category. I think Fiverr has no algorithm. They just move gigs irrelevantly. This is what I learnt from my experience.
  14. Same problem happened to me. My gig has the most ratting in my working category. My gig rank dropped first page to last page. It’s become a regular issue in fiverr. They are experimenting lot’s of things which making the site less user friendly. My suggestion is don’t edit your gig, Be active and try to response your client very quickly, deliver on time. I think it will be on the first place again. Pray for the best.
  15. It’s a normal issue. My gig moved first page to last page.
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