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Very bad experience with fiverr policy and Byers activity


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This is my bad experience with bad buyer activity and not support from fiverr support.
I think this will help for new buyers.
they said it is the policy of fiverr.

I’m working well with fiverr few month and get 100% positive rating and do my all the best for buyers…

Unfortunately some buyers place orders and get their work done and place 5/5 rating positive reviews.
and tip me
and place new order again ( these are fake order)
2 new orders (these are also no proper fob request)

after that with asking cancel the fake orders they reject cancellation and put all orders very bad rating and bad reviews without any proper reason…

100% positive profile will down very low may be 70% suddenly.

Fiver support only said buyers can put their experience. no action against the policy…

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