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Help Would Be Apprecaited :)


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Hello! I have just put up my first lot of gigs and I am keen to do well so I can fund my vet school fees! Any advice about my gigs - the way they look, the type of gigs I have done, images & words I have used etc. - would be REALLY appreciated 🙂

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Welcome to Fiverr.

I see that you have put a decent amount of effort in setting up your gigs. I also noticed that you offer a lot of products, not services. Which is what generates the most sales on Fiverr. These days, people download their video tutorials for free or watch them on YouTube. The market for it isn’t that big, unless you can offer something very unique, valuable and undownloadable.

So, I guess my suggestion would be to mix in some actual services instead of all products. Find something that you’re really good at, can be valuable to a potential client and can be done in a relatively short time period.

I know that product gigs are like the holy grail of Fiverr (you don’t have to work, you just have to send the file(s), which takes about one minute). That’s also the reason why they don’t sell very good.

Just my perspective. Hope it makes a little sense to you.

I wish you all the best in life and on Fiverr,


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