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Hello Everyone!
I am new to fiverr, i have been continuously sending offers to buyers request but still got only 1 order in 1 month…SENIORS and EXPERTS please go through my profile and check if i have made any mistake in my profile.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Jessica!
I looked over your profile, in my opinion everything looks good! You are on the right track.
I would consider adding the video to your gig, since your niche is designing and the competition is huge there. It took my a while to get the first order too, but once you get it, ask the buyer to review it, like this you create more trust to the new buyers and grow your path here.
I am actually considering purchasing your gig for my agency, I will contact you soon 😉

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Hi Jessie,

Your only gig shows no orders. Did you have another that was deleted? Just trying to figure out what’s up with you.

You’re in a very crowded field, but it’s still weird to send offers in BR every day for a month with no interest. What kind of offers were you sending? If it was the basic “five bucks for one logo,” then I’d think you’d be reasonably competitive.

I agree with vasily17 about the video. As soon as you’ve earned five or ten bucks, it’s smart to reinvest that in a video. My own field is completely nonvisual (proofreading and editing), and my video is pretty inane, but it still helped my sales by boosting me in search results.

Other than that … well, geez, I dunno. Your profile and gig look pretty good to me. Maybe you’re just having a run of bad luck and will get your foot in the door very soon.

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