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I need a help


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Hello everyone, I am new fiverr user …i want to start my selles here … but when i post a reqst …thn it was declined…and send me a email " Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted." what can i do now … help me plz

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The section you tried to post your sales offer in is not for selling, it is for people who want to buy, so you got into trouble for that.

On Fiverr you make gigs to sell. Start here:

Read and do this first: https://uk.fiverr.com/academy/getting-started/4-things-to-do-before-you-create-a-gig

Then read and do this:


After you get that far, come back to Improve my Gigs and let people know that you are ready and people can give you input about what to fix.

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