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Source Files needed?



So this was my first time using fiverr…and I guess I misunderstood. Does having the source file to your logo means that you can edit and change the sizes? My intention was to use my logo for business: print and.website. Also do I need to get the 3d version? My logo looks excellent but I see that I have to purchase a file converter just to properly view it not to mention the extra addons for the source file. I already reviewed my seller today, but it seems that I need the source files as well) What do I do?

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If it’s for a business logo, then you should own at least a PDF vector. A vector file is the first thing any printer asks. Image files like JPG or PNG are usually no good for professional print, and printers can actually charge extra for working with them.

And if you do have the opportunity to receive the source files, then do get them. You do not have to do anything with the source files yourself. But if you’re hiring another designer again in future, for example to design a brochure or business card that uses your logo. Then he will need those source files, because again, files like JPG and PNG are pretty much useless for that purpose.
Source files are usually .EPS or .Ai. There are people who also offer .PSD files, that are Photoshop files, but those are no good for a logo.

By 3D version, do you mean a photorealistic mockup? It’s more of an eye candy that really has no other value than to give you a vision of how your logo might look in real life situation. As you already received a logo that you like, then there’s probably no need for any 3D.

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