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FRAUD on Fiverr


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Be careful!
Even if the seller has great ratings!!!

A seller just sent me a job, I sent payment, after a few seconds I saw an open job so I thought I didn’t complete my payment, so I paid again.

I see another “3rd” open job! WOW! What’s going on here? So I canceled the second as a duplicate order. The seller declined the cancelation, so I canceled both and a rejected again.

When I told him it was duplicate, he wrote “I split it in 3 jobs”, I said forget it and just cancel everything, he said its okay, you don’t need to pay me for the 3rd job.

We went in circles and the next day he sent me some picture of an ocean and wrote job complete. I never ordered an ocean.

Now I know how he has such great ratings and so many completed and open jobs!

Now he says leave me 100% feedback and I’ll give you back 1 order only.

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Guest backlinks_index

It’s your fault. Because you did not read the guidelines order.

So you have misplaced order.
There are many users in fiverr and they have different properties depending

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