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Empty Delivery to prevent negative review

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I would like to highlight this issue to the community as I think a lot of buyers do facing the same problem. I personally think that this is a serious issue that Fiverr should look into it to prevent this thing happen again and again.

I had done a few purchase last 2 weeks but most of the purchase was “not happy ending”.

  1. Some of the seller doesn’t start their work and deliver an “Empty” project just to:
    1.1. Buy more time (even though the delivery time stated very clearly)
    1.2. Prevent Negative Review on your profile

  2. Some of the seller get back to me very last minutes to ask for more details (even though I had submit enough details for him to get started).

I hope Fiverr could take note of the above issue. Thank you.

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Your concern is understandable and it’s good that you wrote it. Fiverr already has terms in place to allow you as a buyer to prevent these issues. Empty delivery is explicitly forbidden in the ToS. Needing more time is not a legitimate excuse from the seller unless they ask you first and you agree.

If a seller delivers empty you have 3 choices. First, you should take a screen shot showing no delivery or “fake” delivery like a text file. Then choose between:

-Click to request a modification. If the seller doesn’t deliver as promised before the gig runs so late you see “ridiculously late” you can auto-cancel. Late cancellations get you a refund and leave an automated 1 star review. Or:

-Go to the resolution center and demand a refund. If the seller refuses, file a ticket with Customer Support and send along your screenshot of empty delivery. You should get a refund and if Fiverr cancels it for you, it will go on the seller’s record as a negative non-mutual cancellation. No review is left. Or:

-If the order was cheap and you are willing to sacrifice the funds to show other potential buyers the issue, mark the gig complete. Leave a negative review and explanation, especially the part about empty delivery.

Using these options, sellers are penalized. Fiverr cannot force a seller to deliver, but the already did set this up. It us up to buyers to utilize the tools.

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Time is the most important concern for me. If a seller can’t deliver on time, I have to contact Customer support and get a new seller again. It is too time consuming.

If seller send a empty delivery and you click on request modification, “Late cancellations” 1-star review will not shown on seller profile. This is an issue that need to resolve.

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If you want a review shown, you have to either wait until it is late enough or pay for the gig. Both can result in negative reviews. If buyers could give reviews and get refunds any other way, it would be subject to abuse. If you want
guarantees plus speed plus quality, you may need to spend more on highly rated sellers (your level or not,) multiple sellers, or buying extra-fast options.

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