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I have started this thread so that sellers can complain about experiences on Fiverr. And no judging anyone.

I will go first…
I had an order cancelled on me. No it was not a mutual agreement. The buyer did not give me the details I needed. Cancelled the order and gave me my first 1star rating.
She’s been on my mind ever since. I just want to meet her and have a long conversation with her.
I didn’t complain to fiverr. Maybe I should. I don’t know…

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Hang in there man. Download the mobile app and always put your status as online.

Change the title of your gigs to give an idea what value it gives to whoever is buying.

If the niche has no buyers, try something else.

And you are not even 2 months old yet , stay positive.

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We are just having a conversation with each other. How are you .
Which software do you use for mastering. I learned ableton , I wanted to start making beats , then I learned programming and I followed the quickest path to being able to fend myself. I really love music man.
What should I learn to become as good as it seems you are.

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