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I\'m a new seller


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This forum is full of this in one form or another and is nonsense “Nobody wants to buy stuff from a new seller who has never sold anything before” & writing something like that is going to become a self fulfilling prophecy. Doesn’t matter if it is on here or a brick and mortar business and if you want to succeed on here you have to treat it like a business.

You obviously do not really believe that either because if you did you would not post on here and would have shut up shop.

If you offer a service that delivers results or what people are looking for they will order from you. If you offer the same as everyone else in your category then you need a USP. If you just take the easy path and write the same descriptions,use the same bland images and the same error filled descriptions as other people who are wailing they cannot get orders you are not going to get any orders. You can’t just put up a gig and sit back and watch the orders flow in. Doesn’t happen that way and never has regardless of what people may lead you to believe. I strongly suggest you keep updating and modifying your gigs until you do get orders.

your problem is your video and your gigs. They are full of spelling errors and you have put your twitter and facebook accounts in your video which is a no-no and there is nothing on any of your gigs that gives people an incentive to order. Do something it about it.

As for other people posting the same tired old nonsense as that on here. They will feed you stories that Hans Christian Anderson would be proud of about how they have tried to get orders but when you take a close look the truth is very different. They muddy the water, to make it seem deep and they are really full of rubbish. I suggest you address the issues with your gigs if you want to get orders and don’t read the nonsense other people are posting.

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