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Leave feedback when the order was cancelled

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I think fiverr needs to allow to rate the sellers performance, if the seller (or buyer) cancels the order after the deadline!

I have order many gigs and often there would be a situation happening, that after the deadline, and many letters, seller will finally show up and say “sorry, was out of town, give me extra days blah-blah” or says nothing and just cancels.

I know it’s just 5 dol. but that’s kind of behavior cheats me out of TIME. because I plan my stuff with relying on the deadline delivery. If you out of town, suspend or change the delivery time for your gig.

So in the end of the day, I have my 5 dol back, yet screwed up because, I have to spend extra time or miss my deadline, and seller still has perfect reviews and 100% rating!

I think people when buying gigs need to know, that seller sometimes “forgets” its gigs or do not deliver and cancels.

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When you buy milk for 3 dol. Do you want it to be fresh and have the full carton, of you ok with it being overdue, and half empty? What? it’s just 3 dol., just buy yourself 3 bottes of milk.

If one value their job for more than 4 dol., that what they should charge. If one is ok with the price, one should do their end of the bargain.

It’s not punishment, it’s warning for the other people. When I buy stuff, I want to see if the seller actually perform the job, not stood me up.

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