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Need help with a better video


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Hi Fiverr family!


I’ve been trying to boost my sales here on Fiverr. I’ve got a voiceover gig and I’m aware this is a somewhat saturated category on the site. As you can see though I’ve been getting good reviews, which I feel is key for scoring more orders. However the number of orders I get is fairly low (I’m still not at the Level 2 seller, 😦 ). I was looking for ways to improve the look and feel of my page and one thing has stood out to me. My video is really boring!

I’m a voiceover artist at heart, and the video was whipped up on the day-of just to get the page going. I think it needs an update but I’m not sure what I should be going for. Should it be something longer with more demo material (~60 seconds?). Or perhaps a VIDEO video instead of graphics + voices, with me in front of a camera? I’m just not sure what would be best but I imagine this must be a contributing factor to a low conversion rate.

What would you guys suggest? Also if there’s anything else you can point out for improvement, that would be awesome! Thanks so much!


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The best VO sample I’ve heard was one that used the entire minute and took micro-clips of different styles/accents and string them together. It started out with a peppy radio ad style, then a children’s book narration that sounded very cheerful, then a funny voicemail greeting with an accent, etc.

Toward the end were a couple of short clips of soothing voices, like something you would use for a tea ad or a meditation audio. It was really good.

For the video part it was still photos of the artist looking professional and some scenery. I was surprised how much could fit in 60 seconds. It was all done in a studio so the emphasis was on great sound, but the video made you feel like you knew the artist.

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