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My proposed format for writing gigs


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Recently writing and translation gigs have been extended with the new packages. Personally I don’t have any use for that and I don’t really get how they are useful for writing gigs.

First of all: Why is proofreading singled out as a gig special? Who doesn’t proofread what he/she is writing? That would be insane. Why is “making sense” not a gig special then?

The gig order page is now completely convoluted. I myself don’t know immediately what to click on to order a simple gig.

Also writing takes time. There is no sane option to account for longer orders.

Here is my proposed solution for writing gigs:

The buyer should only need to enter the amount of words he wants translated. 5.000 words longer to write than 800 words, so the gig time should scale with the amount.

The gig seller should be able to define a minimum time for gigs. Maybe 2 days to give some wiggle room for weekends. Then he should be able to define a maximum amount of words he thinks he’s able to translate or write in any given day. Like 2000 maybe.

So 5.000 words would take 2 (min time) + 3 more days (word amount) = 6 days to finish.
800 words would take 2 + 1 = 3 days to finish.

The price would just scale with the amount of words: $5 = 100. Easy.

And now there would be a sane format where additional services could be tacked on. Packages may make sense for other gig types, but I don’t see the working for translation or writing gigs.

Please give us at the least the option for this, fiverr. Thanks a lot!

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